Experts in plastic recycling since 1975

Shaping the future of post-consumer plastic recycling

Jayplas is one of the UK’s largest independent specialist plastic recyclers, converters, and recycled plastic packaging manufacturers. Our innovative recycling technologies support a circular economy, helping businesses meet their plastic packaging sustainability goals and regulatory requirements.

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Jayplas helps businesses meet Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) targets through plastic packaging recycling and waste management solutions.

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Reprocessing & Manufacturing

Jayplas supports businesses in reducing their liability to pay Plastic Packaging Tax by ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of high-quality recycled plastic polymers and up to 100% recycled plastic packaging products.


Jayplas work closely with businesses to meet their sustainability goals. We help them transition to a circular economy, supporting net zero targets across the plastic value cycle.

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Flexible plastic films

Rigid plastics

Jayplas is a leading UK post-consumer plastic recycler. We continually invest in our whole business processes to extend the lifecycle of plastic sustainably and help businesses meet their Extended Producer Responsibility targets.

Jayplas dedicated UK facilities sort flexible film (including complex multilayer film) and rigid plastic packaging, using automated optical sorting technology. This allows Jayplas to segregate mixed plastic polymer bales into single plastic polymer and single colour when required, ready for onward reprocessing.

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Super cleaned Hot washed rPET clear flakes and Food grade rPET Pellets

Food-grade rHDPE and rPP pellets

rLDPE and rPP pellets

Jayplas plastic packaging reprocessing facilities supply high-quality recycled plastic pellets/flakes back into the plastic supply chain, reducing the use of virgin polymer in producing food-grade or non-grade plastic packaging.

Advanced technology and innovation allow us to deliver recycled polymers that meet customers’ specifications with high visual and mechanical properties while supporting businesses to meet their sustainability goals and reduce their Plastic Packaging Tax.

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Designing plastic packaging for recyclability

Flexible plastic packaging with up to 100% recycled content

100% recycled content Food Grade PET Film

Jayplas manufactures recycled flexible and rigid plastic packaging solutions from our PCR pellets and flakes from our facilities in the UK. All our packaging solutions contain 100% recycled content, a true closed-loop methodology. Supplying the recycled materials from our own facilities allows us to offer consistent and reliable delivery of high-quality products and complete traceability from start to finish.

Jayplas packaging has excellent visual and mechanical properties, containing up to 100% recycled plastic content. With a range of customisable Flexible packaging for various industries and PET films for Thermoforming, Jayplas supports a circular economy.

Advanced technology and Innovation in Plastic recycling

Our UK facilities

Jayplas in 2024 operates eight recycling and recycled product manufacturing sites across the UK. Each specialises in a unique polymer type and process. New investments will see our number of facilities increase from 2024

Jayplas using advanced technology in its facilities have the capacity and resources to produce a premium product while ensuring a consistent and reliable supply chain to meet our clients’ needs. As a leading innovator in the sector, we continually invest in R&D, developing new processes and products with our closed-loop methodology to support our clients in meeting their sustainability goals and regulatory compliance requirement.

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World-leading recycling and manufacturing

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Quality control of the highest standards

Innovation in plastic packaging

Plastic recycling, reprocessing and manufacturing experts

Jayplas – Experts in plastic recycling since 1975

We provide:

  • Premium quality recycled polymers.
  • Recycled packaging with up to 100% recycled content.
  • First-class customer service.
  • Consistent, reliable supply chain with complete traceability.
  • Innovation at the forefront of everything we do for our clients.
  • Flexibility and the skill to adapt to include complex plastic packaging waste streams into recycled plastic products.
  • Sustainable post-consumer plastic recycling solutions contributing to a circular economy.
  • Internal logistics team and own vehicle fleet. Jayplas provide UK-wide collection and delivery network services.



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our ethos

Sustainability and compliance

Implementing long-lasting positive change by accelerating the transition to a circular economy

Jayplas supports businesses with the transition to a circular economy by reducing post-consumer plastic waste entering landfill and reducing the use of virgin plastic in packaging by producing high-quality, safe, recycled plastic alternatives.

Jayplas help companies meet their sustainability goals and regulatory compliance requirements.

Jayplas innovative closed-loop solutions ensure all our post-consumer and post-commercial plastic packaging recycling and manufacturing services and products comply with regulations that govern our industry and exceed customer expectations.

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