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Circularity for a Sustainable Future

Plastic is one of the most used materials in everyday life. However, the current mainly linear economy (produce, use and dispose) significantly impacts our environment.

A circular approach (reduce, reuse and recycle) to using plastic as a resource will work towards eliminating plastic waste pollution, increasing a plastic product’s lifespan by recycling materials back into the supply chain and economy.

Circularity for plastic products gives all businesses in the supply chain the opportunity to rethink and change how plastic is used. However, we can only create a circular economy through collaboration—companies working with the entire value chain to create positive change. Working together will help reduce carbon footprints and create a more sustainable future. It comes with challenges but also many opportunities.

Jayplas, as part of the plastic supply chain, understands its role in working towards a sustainable circular economy. We work hard to improve our processes to reduce our CO2 emissions and prevent plastic waste from entering landfill, thus saving natural resources by reducing the use of crude oil. We strive to keep our energy consumption low, contributing to carbon neutrality by increasing and promoting a circular plastic economy.

Since 1975 Jayplas and its team of experts have gained experience in the plastic recycling industry, Jayplas uses its extensive knowledge and expertise to help businesses:

  • transition to the circular economy, supporting net zero targets across the entire plastics value ‘cycle’, working closely with them wherever they are on their sustainability journey, and ensuring circular design, production, use and waste management.
  • meet their sustainability goals by offering a comprehensive range of advanced plastic recycling, reprocessing and manufacturing solutions (including plastic packaging with up to 100% recycled content and reusable packaging), reducing plastic waste in landfill and reducing the use of virgin plastics in packaging by producing high-quality, safe, recycled plastic polymers with excellent visual and mechanical qualities.

Our internal Environmental and Sustainability Policies (EPS) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) help us actively protect the natural environment, promote sustainable practices, and ensure we and our supply chain work ethically, considering human rights and social, economic, and environmental impacts. Our sustainable practices help us support our customers' businesses to meet their own internal policies.

These are some of the steps Jayplas have taken internally to support our policies:
  • We operate an in-house transport fleet and logistics team. Thus, we can closely monitor journeys, keeping them to a minimum to reduce our carbon footprint while remaining responsive to customer needs.
  • We use advanced water recycling treatment processes across all our operations to reduce the freshwater used to produce our products.
  • We will incorporate renewable energy sources to our facilities where it is available.
  • We continually invest in and implement the most advanced technology across all our processes and facilities, including cross-process digital control and monitoring to optimise energy efficiency.
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