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Leading the development of high-quality, sustainable recycling solutions that address environmental concerns and regulatory requirements.

The Jayplas team, with their knowledge, skills and dedication to finding the best sustainable solutions for our customers, keeps us at the forefront of plastic recycling innovation in the UK.

We are a large corporate company, but we keep the ‘family’ feel. We continually invest in our facilities and our employees. We value their commitment and foster a culture of open communication, agile and future-focused thinking, and personal and professional development.

Whether considering a career in plastic recycling or looking for a new opportunity to develop professionally, Jayplas offers a wide range of career paths.

Join Jayplas and help shape the future of plastic recycling by leading the development of high-quality, sustainable solutions that address environmental concerns, working with the regulatory requirements that govern us.

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Work with us

Even though we live in a digital world, we still prefer the personal touch when recruiting new talent to our team. Please email us your details using the link below, and we will contact you.