Experts in plastic recycling since 1975

UK provider of sustainable plastic recycling solutions

Jayplas provides

  • Premium quality recycled polymers and packaging with up to 100% recycled content
  • Plastic industry recycling expertise since 1975
  • First-class customer service
  • Consistent and reliable supply chain
  • Innovation at the forefront of everything we do for our clients
  • Flexibility and the skill to adapt to include complex plastic packaging waste streams into recycled plastic products
  • Sustainable post-consumer plastic recycling solutions contributing to a circular economy
  • Internal logistics team and own vehicle fleet. Jayplas provide UK-wide collection and delivery network services.
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jayplas provides pet products
jayplas provides bottles

Constant innovation in plastic recycling and manufacturing

Jayplas are a leading innovator at the forefront of plastic recycling in the UK. We continually invest in our advanced technology plastic reprocessing and manufacturing facilities within our UK operation to handle the sortation of plastic packaging (including complex films), recycle/reprocess plastic packaging to various recycled polymer pellets and manufacture recycled plastic packaging.

  • rLDPE
  • rHDPE
  • rPP
  • rPET flake
  • flexible packaging with upto 100% recycled content
  • rPET food contact film
  • rPET pellet

Jayplas work with businesses across the entire plastics value chain to help them meet their sustainability goals and compliance requirements, creating a circular economy for plastics and capturing their value by keeping them in the economy and out of the natural environment.

Jayplas work hard to improve efficiency, increase yields and embed energy-saving initiatives. We reduce our environmental impact by adopting new practices, harnessing innovative systems, and implementing in our facilities advanced technology to improve our processing.

Jayplas use the most sophisticated systems to monitor the performance of our processes, ensuring minimal impact on the environment while producing products of constantly high quality, ready to be used back into the plastic supply chain.

Company overview

Jayplas are a privately owned company since 1975, and have vast depth of knowledge and experience in the post-consumer plastic recycling sector. The Jayplas team are experienced and passionate about plastic recycling.

With continuous investment not only in new facilities in the UK but in our team, Jayplas long-term vision is to increase plastic recycling capabilities in the UK, transforming how post-consumer packaging plastic is collected, sorted, and recycled.

The Jayplas team understand our clients’ and new customers’ requirements, we listen and support and work closely with them, building mutually respectful relationships to deliver the best solutions/outcomes effectively and efficiently, working within the market and regulatory landscape ensuring a reliable, robust supply chain solution that meets their needs.

Facility locations

Facilities image about Corby

Head Office and PET Washplant and Recycled Packaging Manufacturing

Fully automated PET recycling facility. Super cleaned hot washed rPET flake,
rPET food contact film for use in thermoforming packaging.

Facilities image south normanton

South Normanton
Plastics Recovery/Sortation Facility

Fully automated optical sortation facility.
Rigid post-consumer mixed plastic packaging.

Facilities image smethwick

Plastic Recovery/Sortation Facility

Fully automated optical sortation facility.
Flexible post-consumer plastic packaging sortation.


Loughborough, Cotton Way
Reprocessing (Recycling) Facility

Full recycling process for flexible LDPE films
and rigid HDPE, PP plastics.
rLDPE, rPP and rHDPE pellet production.

Facilities image summerpool road

Loughborough, Summerpool Road
Reprocessing (Recycling) Facility

Full recycling process for flexible LDPE and PP plastic films.
rLDPE and rPP pellet production.

North Thoresby
Reprocessing (Recycling) Facility

Full recycling process HDPE and PP
rHDPE and rPP food-grade pellet production.

Facilities image worksop

Recycled Packaging Manufacturing

Flexible packaging with upto 100% recycled content.

Company history


Planned opening new PRF, Wash and Extrusion facility for Flexible and Rigid Plastics



1st food-grade HDPE/PP Wash and Extrusion Facility
North Thoresby



2nd LDPE Wash and Extrusion Facility



PP Rigid Wash Facility



Flexible Plastic Sorting Facility



Flexible Packaging Manufacturing Facility



1st LPDE Wash and Extrusion Facility



1st PET Hot Wash Recycling Line and Extrusion Facility



1st PRF Rigid Plastics Sortation Facility
South Normanton



1st Plastic Extrusion Facility



1st Plastic Recycling Facility



Jayplas Incorporated


New investments

Jayplas set to open HDPE & PP washing plant in Grimsby

Plastics recycling business Jayplas is set to open a HDPE & PP washing plant next year in North Thoresby, near Grimbsy. The facility has the capacity to process 20,000 tonnes of material per year. Once opened, it will mean Jayplas has a film sorting plant in Birmingham, rigids sorting plant in Derbyshire, LDPE washing plants … Read more

New facility to double Wales’ plastic reprocessing capacity

A £45 million investment will more than double Wales’ plastic reprocessing capacity and create over 100 new jobs at the former Toyoda Gosei factory in Swansea. Jayplas, a market leader in plastic reprocessing, will develop an advanced facility capable of processing at least 100,000 tonnes of flexible and rigid plastics a year, boosting the circular … Read more

Wales (NEW 2024)
Combined Plastic Recovery and Reprocessing Facility.
Flexible and rigid plastic packaging sortation and production of rLDPE and rPET food-grade pellets

Our vision

Shaping the future of plastic recycling by leading the development of high-quality, sustainable solutions that address environmental concerns and regulatory requirements.

Our mission

  • To provide pioneering plastic packaging recycling solutions, which are fulfilled by well-managed, efficient processes, to maximise the value of plastic waste as a resource.
  • To develop recycled polymers of the highest quality that can directly replace virgin polymers.
  • To continue to work closely with our clients to help them meet their sustainability goals and regulatory requirements.

Our values

Jayplas SVG icons about quality

Clients come first. Jayplas focus on consistently providing high-quality recycled pellets and flake and recycled plastic packaging products for the plastic supply chain.

Jayplas strive to help our clients meet their compliance needs. Our strong industry focus underpinned since 1975 in the recycling sector, ongoing investment in R&D, and our passion for providing sustainable recycling solutions for our clients.

Jayplas SVG icons about integrity
Integrity and honesty

Jayplas uphold the highest standards of integrity and honesty in all our actions.
We do the right thing even when no one is watching and are accountable for those actions.

We value and respect our people – and we promote a culture of respect.
We value and respect our clients – we build long-term relationships with our clients by being honest, open and fair.

Our clients can rely on us to deliver work that meets the highest professional, ethical and business standards.

Jayplas SVG icons about reliable
Responsive and reliable

Responsiveness is central to Jayplas' customer service and satisfaction, building trust and long-term relationships.

We are proactive and listen to our clients’ needs, utilising our specialist Plastic recycling knowledge and experience, we strive to provide sustainable recycling solutions. We identify and adapt to changes within the regulatory and legislative landscape, ensuring we are primed to react to our clients’ needs.

We foster a culture of accountability. If we say we will do something, we will. We set our own high expectations and ensure we meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

Jayplas SVG icons about teamwork

Jayplas operate as a team, collaborating and sharing our knowledge with our clients and stakeholders to find the best recycling solutions to meet their needs.

We have a united goal and understand the needs and challenges and pain points of our clients. We work together to find solutions.

We are passionate about recycling and working with us feels more like being part of a team than a business-to-business relationship.

We innovate to continually improve the recycling landscape and want our clients to join in the journey.

We always encourage an open channel of communication.

Jayplas SVG icons about innovation

Jayplas prides itself on our continual investment in R&D.

We are constantly developing and initiating new technologies to improve our processes and range of recycled products for our clients.

To ensure we meet our clients’ needs and the demands of the ever-changing plastic recycling landscape we strive to improve in all areas of our service continuously.

Jayplas SVG icons about education

Jayplas recognise the requirement to inform all shareholders, clients and consumers of the importance of recycling, and how everyone's input big or small makes a circular economy.

We will strive to work with and help educate all stakeholders, clients and consumers on the complexity of achieving plastic recycling in an environmental legal manner, how and why costs are incurred and most importantly how working together we will work towards net zero goals.


Jayplas product image 800x500 rLDPE pellet

rLDPE pellet

rPP Pellet

Jayplas product image 800x500 rHDPE food-grade pellet

rHDPE food-grade pellet

Jayplas product image 800x500 100% recycled flexible packaging products

Flexible packaging with up to 100% recycled content

Jayplas product image 800x500 rPP pellet

rPET food grade pellet / Super cleaned hot washed rPET flake

Jayplas product image 800x500 100% rPET sheet

rPET food contact film

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Contact the team at Jayplas

Contact us for further information about the products and services available from Jayplas. Please complete the form on our contact page, and a member of our team will get back to you. Alternatively, you can telephone us on:
+44 (0)1536 462300

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