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Flexible plastic recovery facility

Sorting and recycling flexible plastic packaging including complex multi-layer films

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Smethwick - Summary

Operational since 2019, Jayplas fully automated flexible plastic segregation facility is capable of sorting flexible packaging from retailers and local authorities (including complex multi-layer films) into natural and mixed colour LDPE, PP and multi-layer film bales.

The sorted materials are further processed at our recycling facilities in the UK into secondary raw materials for use back into the plastic supply chain, for the manufacture of a variety of plastic packaging and other products.

Drawing on years of experience, innovation and research and development, Jayplas have worked with industry leaders to develop a sustainable solution for the once problematic complex multi-layer film packaging, reducing these types of plastic film packaging entering landfill.

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Smethwick Process

  • Optical Near-Infrared (NIR) sorting system)
  • Full audit and traceability
  • EuCertPlas
  • ISO 9001
  • Safe Contractor Certificate

Output Product

  • LDPE/LLDPE film packaging film in shredded format – natural or mixed colour bales.
  • PP film packaging bales in shredded format, mixed colour
  • Multi-layer film bales.

End Market Examples

  • Flexible recycled packaging products
  • PP labels

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Flexible Plastic Recovery Facility

Dartmouth Road,
B66 1AS

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